Be a world traveller!


2020-04-07 22:20:37
Be a world traveller!
 My all-time favourite hobby is staring at the World Map and deciding where my next destination should be. Looking at the map makes me feel content and relaxed. Although I have been stuck at home for over 20 days due to the irritating coronavirus, my mind is still wondering somewhere different in the world everyday. You can’t possibly imagine how much I miss the days when we can go out to wherever I want and enjoy this picturesque world. Originally, my mum and I were planning to go to New Zealand this Easter, we had no choice but to change our plans. Well, also because our visa was suspended due to the coronavirus. I was really heart-broken when I found out that we can’t go to New Zealand anymore.  However, my obsession and passion for maps did not vanish even though I had to make changes to my long-anticipated travel plans.

Whenever I am free, I would usually stare at the map for as long as I could, because I would never get bored of doing it. If you ask me the capital of a country, or even tell me to name the 50 states in the United States. I am 100% percent confident that I would splutter it out straight away without any hesitation.

 In order to do that, I created a few tips. First, I always focus on a specific country for a couple weeks, usually a relatively big country, then I research the capital, main cities, geographical features or even what I would do if I go there. Because sometimes it is not always possible for you to visit there straight away, but even just dreaming about it makes the desire in my heart feel relieved. When do I move on to the next country? Until I am an expert on the geography of that country. 

Second, I created a geography game to decide what my next travel destination should be whenever I run out of ideas. How it works is very simple, I spin the globe model around and stop it whenever I want with my finger pointing to a random place, and that is the place where I am going to visit next, or if not possible, to research on next. I always enjoy playing this game, because I am always anticipating what's coming up.

After all of my research and investigations on countless places in the world. An invincible incentive has grown inside me, I am determined to visit these places and see them with my own eyes. So far, I have been to 14 countries, but there is so much more of this world for me to explore. I  would like to go to Hawaii for a dream holiday; I would like to go to Orlando Miami to go on a theme park spree; I would like to go to Iceland to see the immense glaciers...Be a world traveller, I am on my way! 

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