My life at home during loc


2020-04-06 20:32:00
My life at home during lockdown
 Currently, there was an order in Malaysia that says to shelter in place, so the whole country is in a lockdown condition. Therefore, my school had to cancel until the Easter break. In the beginning, I didn’t panic too
much, because although school was closed, I still had 6 online lessons everyday to keep me busy and motivated, and I actually quite enjoyed doing online school. Unfortunately, we are starting our Easter break this week which lasts for about 20 days. Can you imagine being inside the house for 20 days and there are no lessons at all? The worst part is that we can’t even go out for a walk or anything like that, since we are all technically in quarantine.

So what I have decided to do is to arrange a manageable daily schedule. I found that really useful because as long as I have a productive schedule in hand, I would get rid of my boredom easily. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to develop some skills and consolidate anything I have learned throughout the term. We rarely have those kinds of opportunities, where you have 20 days off school, and it is impossible for you to go on a holiday, right? In my schedule, I have included things like school assignments, creative writing, baking, French revision, science revision, piano/flute practice…

After I had finished with my schedule,  I decided to implement it into real life as soon as possible. Surprisingly, it is going really smoothly so far, and I managed to get everything done on the list throughout the day. However, I figured out that there are still improvements to make, the time I took on each thing was not as accurate as I had planned it to be, and I had to admit that  some of them did take a bit of procrastination. What I have discovered is that procrastination is a super common problem right now, and it seriously affects your productivity. I was really determined to solve this problem as quickly as I can, so what I tried to do is set a time limit on each task, break a tough task into small chunks and remove any distractions around me whilst I am working. Luckily, I got some really satisfying and accomplished results using these tips, I honestly began to work more efficiently and productively. 

Making a well-organised schedule helps a lot during this special time, and I am certain that you would feel proficient on a type of skill if you use your time wisely. Meanwhile, working with high efficiency is also very important. If you work effectively, you might find you can get things done in half of the time you would need with procrastination. 

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