2020-04-14 06:40:33
What makes me smile? What makes me feel happy? Having good vibes and optimism is very important in our daily life. The simplest way to stay positive is to smile, whether it is to someone else or to yourself. A smile has more influential power than you think.  As scientifically-proven, people tend to focus more on the negatives rather than the positives. Sometimes, we just don’t recognise the accomplishments we have made. Whenever you are feeling down, depressed or experiencing tough times, you should intent to force yourself a smile, because after the intention was made, your brain would eventually start to feel better for real.
Now it is a perfect time to discuss this, because the coronavirus could be driving many people insane now, since all schools are closed, and everyone in the world is technically quarantined at home. So spreading some positive vibes is definitely necessary. 

However, that doesn’t mean we have to think negatively. Because as a matter of fact, we still have so many things to be grateful about. If you struggle to think of any, then you need to ideally discover your potential and optimism. 

What makes me smile everyday? Firstly, the opportunities and possibilities for me everyday. I know this might seem like an indistinct idea, but basically it means the freedom for me to explore things that keep me happy everyday. Since we are all stuck at home, I have plenty of free time to learn and enhance my creative writing skills, presentation skills, organisation skills, planning skills, resilience, which are all super useful skills to develop. Some of the things I am doing already are: Starting off the day by trying to write a story or an article, this doesn’t just help with my creativity but also writing and presentation skills. Additionally, I decided to make some productive academic plans and creative plans. Such as: Using websites to preview the lessons next year and writing down aesthetic notes at the same time, making flashcards for key science vocabulary, learning calligraphy, watching an inspiring documentary or movie...

Secondly, I have enough spare time to try out things I like which I don’t usually have time for. Currently, I am learning to bake and cook some simple recipes. So far, I have tried banana pancakes, potato pancakes and banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I am well aware that some people don’t enjoy cooking or baking at all, because they see them as essential chores which are always tedious and boring. From my perspective, I am enjoying it so much. Because personally I see it as a hobby which keeps me motivated. After I have tried out the recipe a couple times, the taste became so much better, which makes me feel exceptionally accomplished and proficient.

Another thing that keeps me smiling would definitely be music. Whenever I feel anxious or down-hearted, listening or playing music can always tremendously relieve stress and make me feel refreshed for a brand new start. Playing an instrument is definitely a powerful therapy when I feel stressed. Still, if that is not what you are into, you can simply relax and calm down while listening to music, because I always find that extremely effective.

Even though everyone in the world is now going through a really tough time, staying happy and healthy is certainly the best healing method. The things I have mentioned previously are only some things that I find motivational and keep me positive, there are certainly countless other things you feel happy and grateful for. Every morning, force yourself a smile while standing in front of the mirror even if you don’t feel like it. Additionally, deliver a smile to everyone else in your family to help them generate positive vibes as well, because smiling is contagious!

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