The invisible castle


2020-04-11 11:47:58
The invisible castle
Have you heard of the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter? I am sure you would say that is a joke! It doesn’t exist at all! Ha! Then you are wrong, because invisible things do exist, in fact, there is one just a few miles away from where I lived for more than ten years. However, my discovery was only a few days ago. Believe it or not? Let’s see.

Nothing seems extraordinary; Nothing seems peculiar; Nothing seems out of place. Yes, that is what the day seemed like to me. But that’s when mysterious and inexplicable events usually happen. 

Just as planned, Sarah, Hannah and I decided to climb the terror tower just a few miles away from Beverly Hills, out of curiosity of what actually is in there. You must be wondering why it is called the terror tower. Well, there was a rumour spreading around recently that says thousands of years ago, this was the place where humans first discovered witches and wizards and also where the first incantation was ever formed and casted. Of course, we all know that is definitely just a fake rumour, most likely for attracting tourists. However, some people in the countryside did say that the tower was actually already abandoned a few decades ago.

We were standing in front of the tower after a 10 minutes drive. The whole exterior was built with dark bricks, which made the tower look sort of creepy and spooky. I tried to look for any signs of wizardry on the outside walls. What I found was only a few wriggly lines written with a language that I didn’t recognise. We were a little worried about what sort of creature might exist in the castle, but we started climbing anyway. The stairs were creaking as we climbed, and we thought it might be true that the tower has been haunted for ages and was therefore filled with a mouldy smell. 10 minutes later, we nearly reached the top of the tower. But suddenly, we all sensed something inscrutable and bizarre: the air was instantly chillier and dust were dripping from the ceiling, the walls seemed to be living under a constant shadow, it felt to me as if the sunlight were trying to reach but kept shrinking away from something that was resistant to it. It was pitch black so we had to fumble as slowly as we could, otherwise we might have fallen all the way down the wobbly stairs. 

There were no living creatures visible in the tower but the three of us, we started to doubt whether it was really a foolish idea to come and explore the tower that has been deserted for hundreds of years, or even thousands. No wonder no one ever bothered to visit it! Because apparently it was futile! 

We were approaching the top of the tower, but suddenly we all let out a gasp: 

“ There is no end!” 

What seemed to be at the top of the tower was mist with no end.

 “How are we going to exit? I hope we didn’t just come here to climb the stairs, there is one at my house!”  

Hannah whispered in an undertone.  


 Sarah shouted with her beaming face. 

“I think there are stairs in the mist that lead to somewhere!” 

Without hesitation, we took the stairs, even though we had no idea where it might lead us to. 

“Wow! It is a hidden castle up here! What a miracle! I bet no one has ever known its existence before.” I shouted. 

It truly is an invisible castle! I promise that was the most glorious castle you would ever have seen, with the sun glaring upon the iridescent cobblestone walls, leaving vivid shadow contrasting with the blinding bright reflections.  

All of a sudden, an invisible gate opened with someone shouting with a strange accent: “ Welcome to the Kingdom of Wizardry and Magic! Where nothing is impossible!” 

We were shocked and I even jerked backwards, looking delirious. My heart was pumping so quickly with anticipation of what is going to happen next. We didn’t need to answer before a gigantic and skinny-looking guy stepped towards us, which made us flinch a little.

 “ Come on, what are you waiting for? It has been thousands of years since a “yeti” has come across us witches and wizards. There are so many thrilling things for you to explore here in the most modern wizarding castle. Come inside!” Beamed the man who we assumed was the king of the Kingdom of Wizardry and Magic. 

“Excuse me, what is “yeti”?” I asked tentatively.

“Oh! Sorry, yeti is what we call our visitors, or… people who are different to us, without magic power.” Responded the man.

We followed him inside, looking a little frightened by how much things had happened in the past few minutes. However, we were actually extremely enthusiastic and excited. Imagine! The three of us just discovered a hidden wizarding world that had remained undiscovered for centuries. I was busy pondering through what happened and didn’t even realize what we just walked past.

We were standing in a transparent glass passageway that leads to another castle, which is where the dining hall was located. And we could smell the fragrance of strawberry and mango pizza with sweet chocolate frogs wafted all the way across into the glass passageway. (The king told us sweet chocolate frogs are their signature food!)

 “I swear it is the most amazing thing about our castle! A glass passageway in the middle of the sky! You must be wondering if we can see the cities beneath us, why couldn’t you guys see us when you were down there? That is because we casted visibility protection incantations all around, which is how the so-called “Invisible Castle” got its name from!” Said the man with his thrilled tone of voice.

We were stunned and a bit dumbfounded. This is definitely the coolest thing I have ever seen! I noticed that Sarah had stopped with her mouth wide open, she was completely astounded.

“Would you mind staying at the castle overnight? It will be the most amazing experience you could ever dream of!” Yelled the man. 

“ Yes, please!” The three of us all screamed at the exact same moment. “Could you please show our bedroom?” 

“Bedroom?” The man let out a smirk on his face, looking bewildered. “Here at the invisibility castle, we don’t sleep in bedrooms. Instead, we sleep on the clouds, we call them cloudinas ! Isn’t that fantastic! More importantly, all the clouds around us are enchanted with fruit jam. I remember there are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and many more! Eat it if you are starving! Also, do not worry about it floating away, because we already casted spells on it, so it only stays in it’s fixed position!”

“Wowwwww!” Sarah, Hannah and I felt like we couldn’t have been any happier as we finally lay down into our fluffy strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry cloudinas! First off, we discovered an invisible castle that was unfounded by centuries of people. Most importantly, we get to sleep on fruit jam flavoured cloudinas! This is literally the best journey ever!

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