A girl discovered a ghost


2020-04-03 21:51:18
     Sarah lived in a cottage deep down in the forest, where the flowers on the windowsill were meticulously trimmed and the flickering chandelier inside made this house look extremely welcoming. However, Sarah had a very different personality, which was very impetuous and nosy. She also had a passion for animals and amusement parks. On this ordinary day, Sarah left home early as usual, because she was determined to find out and discover new animal creatures inside this spooky forest. Suddenly, as she was walking past the bushes and humming her favourite song, she heard a whooshing sound as the leaves rustled. However, there was something weird about it:

     “It didn’t sound like a normal gush of wind!” 

      After a moment of silence, that sound occurred again! This time it sounded even creepier and Sarah shivered as the hair on her neck stood up with alert. Seconds later, she sensed  movement behind her and Sarah turned around tentatively and let out a scream: 

     “Ghost!  A sudden dizziness was rising in her head, and almost simultaneously she fainted. 

     She didn’t know how long she slept, but when she finally woke up, a pair of hollow and bulgy eyes were staring at her! She nearly shrieked: “Help!” 

      However, Sarah was determined to calm down and find out who this ghostly creature in front of her is:
   “Who - a - are you? A - are you a ghost?” 
    Sarah stuttered in a barely audible voice.  Nevertheless, to her surprise, the ghostly looking creature heard her: 

    “Indeed, I am a ghost, but there is nothing frightening about me. To be honest, I don’t understand why humans always refer to us as the malicious spirit or a demon from god! I don't know whether you believe it or not, but before we get onto anything else, I just want to clarify that we are nothing like that.” 

   Sarah didn’t answer, in fact she didn’t know what to say as she was trying to process everything that happened in the past few minutes that seemed so abrupt and unexpected. She was scared at the idea of a ghost talking to her, but was also really eager to find out about this ghost that was at the moment hovering above her. 

     “ Excuse me, possibly I heard you wrong, but did you just say before we get onto anything else?” asked Sarah, looking perplexed and still a bit nervous. “No, you didn’t. You must be wondering why I am here, and the reason is because I am currently looking for a human girl that can think of a really unique and innovative name for a cool place that she would dream to go. The only premise is that I need to be satisfied with it. If I approve it, she will get a chance to go to the place with me by taking a ghost’s ride. If you didn’t know before, I have some of the most supreme flying skills among all the ghosts around the world. This place can be completely fictional, because it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my phenomenal magic skills! Besides, I bet you have dreamed about flying before, taking a ghost’s ride with me can help to make your dream come true!”

    Sarah was amazed: 

    “That would be the most spectacular thing in the world! Imagine flying with a ghost!”

     By that time, Sarah’s worry toward the ghost had totally vanished. The only thought she had in mind was to think of an appealing name that would satisfy the ghost the most. All of a sudden, she had an idea, you could tell how exhilarated she was by her gleaming eyes and beaming face: 

     “ The Twilight Zone of Horror!”
      Sarah thought this would be an absolute ideal name for a ghost theme park, where there would be a shrieking roller-coaster, a haunted house, ghost’s thrilling water adventure… A series of theme park rides came to her mind. She almost leaped into the air as another striking idea hit her:

     “ How about we let the lovely animals get involved as well! That would no doubt be so fun!” 

     The ghost revealed a deep smile on his face: 

     “ Hahaha! I knew it, I knew you are the most suitable girl to choose, The Twilight Zone of Horror is absolutely the most creative and unique name I’ve heard so far! I think I am honoured to announce that you will receive a free ticket for a ghost’s ride with me tomorrow morning, and the entire wonderland that you have just dreamed about should be ready by then! So how about we set out tomorrow morning? And…” 

     “ Yes! I would love to!” 

     Sarah snapped before the ghost had even finished, as she was overjoyed, she couldn’t help but jumping up and down to show her excitement.
    A few minutes later, Sarah was skipping all the way home as she mulled over what had happened in the past few hours: 

      “I discovered a ghost! Furthermore, I will be going to Wonderland with him tomorrow!”

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